Frequently asked questions


How do I sign up?

You simply pick the membership you want, enter your details and that’s it. We will send you amazing updates each month.

What do I get for my money?

Depending on which package you pick – you will receive the following:

(Educators / Early Learning Centres)

Basic: $4.95 / $79.95

Standard $9.95 / $97.95

VIP $19.95 / $149.95

How can I stop my membership?

You can cease your membership at any time, just by emailing your details through to [email protected] and completing a cancellation form. (You probably wouldn’t want to miss out though ☺)

Can I pause my membership?

You can pause your membership at any time. You can do this through your account once logged in. Just follow the options to pause your membership. Or you can send us an email with all your details to [email protected] and completed a membership hold from. (You probably wouldn’t want to miss out on this either though)

Can I change my membership package at any time?

Absolutely! For example, you may find that you have signed up for the $9.95 package per month (P.S this is tax deductible if you work in the industry) and you see a co-worker receiving an awesome storybook or gift each month that is delivered to them. You then might decide that you want to up your membership to the $19.95 per month pack as well (P.S Again this is tax deductible if you work in the industry). SO if you ever want to change your mind, you can upgrade your account or email [email protected] and our team will help you upgrade your membership asap.

Is the membership really 100% tax deductible?

In many case this is a big fat yes! This all depends on if you work in the industry of Early Childhood or community and something you will have to discuss with your account or financial advisor but in most cases if you work in the industry and you are paying for professional development training (as this is) it will be tax deductible.

Even better, The Education Gap will email you a statement of your account on the 30th June each year so you can just print and include it when your completing your tax refund… No dilly dallying!

Do I have to renew my membership each year?

No – your membership will just roll over each year and continue. From time to time we may send you an email in case you need to update your details with us.

My Account

Are my details kept confidential?

Yes absolutely! As per our Privacy Policy – please see this on our website. Your details are completely confidential and all data is super technology encrypted in a secure database.

Professional Development Videos

How often do I receive a new Professional Development video?

Once a month you will receive a topical industry relevant PD video to watch, learn and refresh your skills on! How cool is that? Especially that you can watch and complete at your own convenience.

Can my centre feature in any PD videos?

We are scoping the country for new data all the time – so YES if you feel your centre would be great for our members to see and offer your insight into the sector we would love to hear from you!

Send us a email to [email protected]


Do I received a certificate after completing the PD?

You won’t receive a certificate as such, but your data of PD completion will be collated on your individual profile and you can share this information with your Employer if you wanted, or print the page this data is listed on.

How do I get the Gala dinner/awards night?

Your centre will need to be a TEG member and they will then be able to nominate Educators who are also members that have been committed to the PD program for the year. Families will also have the change to support your nomination also – recognising how fabulous you are 🙂


Is there a rewards program if my friends sign up?

Hey, what a cool idea!

Leave that with us to check out and we will promote this on our Facebook page when this comes about!