Top 10 Reasons To Work In Early Childhood

1. You Can Sing All Day Long

Do you love music? Do you love to sing and dance – children love nothing more than an expressive teacher that can be “silly”, “in the moment”, and loving what they do with the enhancement of music and song!

2. You Can Be Creative All The Time

Do you love colour, do you love neutrals, do you love making displays, do you love setting up unique activity areas and experiences? The Early Childhood environment allows you to be as creative as you desire!

3. You Can Influence a Child’s First Learning Experience

Did you know that the most learning in a child’s life is between the ages of 0-5 years- you can be a part of this formative learning!

4. You Can Be The Support a Family Needs

Gone are the days of having a family or relative in the neighbouring suburb, and very rarely can you count on someone next door to lend a hand. In this respect, Early Childhood Centres become the family home away from home for all children and for the parents and guardians – never discount the positive impact that you could have on families each day!

5. You Can Create Links in the Community

Centres and Educators are part of the wider community and can be a part of big things happening, and make an impact on things like environmental change, recycling options and so much more!

6. It will make YOU Smile

How can you not smile when someone smiles at you on a minute by minute basis!

7. Children give unconditional LOVE

Children aren’t born with bias – they just love, love life, and give love to those around them.

8. Lifelong Friendships with Like Minded Individuals

Imagine being surrounded each and every day by people that believe in the same principles, and have kind-hearted personalities – you have the chance to make friendships that may last a lifetime.

9. Chance for Career Growth and Diversity

The Early Childhood Sector lends itself to many career options and pathways – the opportunities are endless in working, advocating and educating children.

10. Rewards in Children Reaching Milestones

The saying penned by Brooke Hampton – “Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they’ll become”. You, as an Early Childhood Educator, can play a pivotal role in children reaching their developmental milestones, imagine the joy!

The Education Gap can support your growth in the early childhood education sector – check out some great videos to enhance your learning in the sector.