7 Surprising Facts About Early Childhood Development

Did YOU know?

1. Laughter in Toddlers

Babies and children can laugh up to 300 times a day! Adults typically only laugh at most, about 20 times a day. Adults are missing out on the joy of laughter and smile lines!! Laughing also creates the release of good endorphins we all need in our body! So go on and get your giggle on!!

2. Brain Growth in Early Childhood Development

Nothing new, but what an astounding fact. A child’s brain has its most dramatic growth period from birth until the age of 5. Children learn from observation and instruction which sharpens their cognitive abilities and functions. A child’s brain really is like a sponge, soaking up as much info as possible- so as Early Childhood Educators we need to pour as much water on that sponge as we possibly can and promote this growth! We really do set children up for success in the future.

3. Teaching Children Right and Wrong

Did you know that the idea of right and wrong are two concepts that a child does not understand, when under the age of one year old!

4. Communicating with Babies

Let’s get chatting in a big way – because a baby’s language development can be accelerated if a parent makes an effort to respond to a baby’s vocalisation more than 80% of the time. Research indicates that typically, parents respond to a baby 50% to 60% of the time. It may seem to parents like a one-sided conversation with a baby, but just because one party responds in ‘goos’ and ‘gaas’ doesn’t mean they aren’t communicating. What a great fun fact to share with families – and how about gauging how many times Early Childhood Educators respond to children in their care!

5. Language Development in Early Childhood

Not a foreign concept but research shows that language is the most difficult thing a child must learn in their early development. It’s also the most common skills that children fall behind on in early development. How do you manage this in your workplace – is this something that Educators keep data on – how and when children are reaching language development milestones?

6. Early Learning and Hand Preference

Well who knew – and it doesn’t really impact greatly your day, but there are more left-handed people in the United States than any other county in the world!! 90% of children are born right-handed. Have you checked all your fellow Educators in the workplace – do the children in your care show a hand preference from an early age?

7.  Brain Connections at an Early Age

Can you believe this one – that a toddler between the ages of 1 and 2 years, will gain 2 million new brain connections every second. TWO MILLION!!! At 2 years of age, a child has more than 100 trillion new brain connections or synapses. Yet, when a child finally becomes an adult, more than 50% of these acquired synapses disappear- which ones do we actually lose though- what a thought to behold!!!


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