Prepping And Reflecting For The End Of The Year

Tick tock, the countdown for the new year is happening. Can you believe it’s almost here? You will if you head into any department store! The Christmas Decorations are already on display and frankly, I want my money back! I really thought we were sitting around ‘mid-year’…ha!

But congratulations, you’ve almost made it……….now just to get through that super busy time that usually ends in a blur of glitter, thoughtful cards and da da daaaaaah end of year paperwork!

Its always a juggle, there’s the end of year reports, Christmas Concerts, gift making, Christmas parties, completing children’s portfolios to gift to families not to mention all the things you need to do in your personal life as more often than not these work projects end up taking up our own lives too. Am I right?

So how do we prepare? First things first…….get yourself a list! You may be tech-savvy so a spreadsheet or phone reminder may be your thing, but a good old fashioned piece of paper will also do the trick! Write down every single job that you can think of that needs to be completed: transition reports, End of year craft etc.

Share this list with your coworkers and then delegate as to who will do what. If you feel that you need extra time to complete tasks, especially those that need to be completed by only you, without the help of the children and speak to your Director. You may just be able to have a little bit more time added to your programming if you the roster allows.

Set yourself deadlines.

Work out which job is the most pressing and go from there. There is no point leaving things until the last minute when I’m sure you are part of a terrific team that will be 100% on board with helping get the job done. 

Don’t get caught up in unnecessary hype.

It can be easy to see what ‘Suzy’ next door is creating for her families but try as you might, you can’t quite make it happen. You know what? THAT’S OK! You are you and your team, your families and your children all know that. If you are putting in 100% into what you have chosen to do then you will shine regardless. Be proud! You are an Educator and you got through this year surrounded by little people that adore you!

Stay sensitive!

Sometimes it is easy to forget that the majority actually doesn’t rule when it comes to religious holidays. There are so many timeless, songs, activities and experiences to become involved in but have you thought about perhaps speaking with your fellow Educators and your families and perhaps doing something different this year to ensure that each and every family will feel included? Instead of a traditional Christmas concert, you could perhaps celebrate with a friendship ceremony or a disco?

Speak Up.

Room allocation for the following year will be fast approaching and your management is not going to know how you feel unless you let them know. If you don’t feel confident approaching this subject face to face, perhaps send your Director an email or text letting them know that there is something pressing you would like to speak to them about. 


Reflect on the year that was and create a visual either in your head or on your device or a huge piece of card of what it is that you would like to achieve for 2020. What did you do great this year? Moments with children and their families that stood out to you? How well did you engage with your community?

Did you improve on something that at the beginning of this year you weren’t 100% confident in?

Reflect on what you wish to improve on and then approach your Educational Leader with your topics.

Their role is to let the best part of you radiate through that centre, so should be able to provide you with readings and professional development that will have you heading in the right direction in no time.