Why Music Should Be In Your Early Learning Centre

We know as adults that majority of us can be soothed, inspired, motivated, energised, and relaxed by music – but could the same be said for children?

Did you know it has been scientifically proven that music has advantages and health benefits for children? Let’s explore a few of these advantages of music for children in Early Childhood.

1. Improve Brainpower in Early Childhood

One of these benefits is that it helps to improve children’s brain power and memory functions. Research states, it was discovered that the brain of a musician works differently than that of a non-musician. It was also shown that students who were exposed to music while growing up excelled better in academics than those who were not. Music helps in stimulating the part of the brain that is responsible for reading and literacy, math concepts and emotional development. Does anyone within your early learning centre play a musical instrument? Could this be introduced?

2. It Inspires Creativity in Early Childhood

You could agree with the fact that musicians are some of the most creative people today, and society seems to be filled to the brim with this creativity. Whether it is listening to the lyrics to a song, creating new words for a song or practicing a new way to play the guitar, children are going to tap into their inner creative spirits. This could give them that entrepreneurial edge over their friends as they grow older and give them confidence in later years. Does your early learning centre provide musical instruments for children to explore their creative side?

3. Allow Children to Express Themselves

Have you heard of the movement for adults – “Lights Out and Dance” – this concept allows adults to let go of their inhibitions, dance in the dark in whatever form they like, and really express themselves! (and it’s good exercise!) Some children have no inhibitions in expressing themselves and music allows them to find their rhythm, and dance and really express themselves through movement! And if you have some children that are a little more cautious than others – introducing ribbon sticks to dance with provides a prop to allow them to move to the music with!

Based on just these few quick facts – music needs to on, instruments out, and expressive moments encouraged! Time to get moving!