Mother’s Day – Hats Off To Fabulous Women

Mother’s Day comes around once a year, and it is the day that Mums are recognised for all they do. And yes it should be more than once a year – but it is a day to also recognise ALL the women in society that keep people functioning. Its not just for women that birth, or adopt, or surrogate, its for the nanas, the grandmas, the aunties, the cousins, the friends, the god mothers, the sisters, the lady next door who doesn’t judge, it is for all!!!

Women need to be celebrated for the wonderful contribution they give to society each and every day – they do it with humility, empathy, care and compassion (most days anyways – no ones perfect!!) And yes, men do all of these things also – but this one day of the year isn’t about them!

And women’s tribes should be celebrated also! Do you have a “tribe”? I most certainly do and could not live without them and they are wide and varied across this nation of ours – but they know exactly when to pop up! And they are not all mothers – but when needed they can adopt that role or figure if needed! Thank you to the tribes across the world.

Women in society, and in general have changed in the last 100 years – and public roles and in the households and dynamics of families have changed. What once saw women adopting the role of housewife, homemaker, super neighbour, – throw in a spout of assisting in the Wars, darning clothes, making food out of nothing and this lasting for days to multiple home births! Fast forward and women are still doing it all – in the workplace, in the home, in community – hats off ladies! While darning and sewing may have taken a back seat, and food is a little more readily accessible – the female generation is full steam ahead – and doesn’t look to be slowing down, and nor should it!

So – hats off to women all around the nation on Mother’s Day! Hat’s off to actual mothers, and those who step in and up into those roles on a regular basis. And also to the majority of Early Childhood Educators who are women (we cant help this!) –those who would of spent the last two weeks helping children make a special gift – probably involving PVA, hot glue guns, paint, craft supplies, baking and so much more –  to have ready to take home and celebrate their special person! You are tirelessly and each day nurturing – so the whole hat shelf off to YOU – as a community we THANK YOU!