Become A Better Early Childhood Learning Centre

Become A Better Early Childhood Learning Centre


Who is TEG?

TEG is “The Education Gap” and is an online professional development platform for Early Childhood Centres and Educators.

The Education Gap was born out of a need we discovered in the Early Childhood Sector – that there was simply not enough options for Educators and Centres to continue their professional growth on a regular basis. TEG is run by professionals from the Early Childhood, IT and Business Sector – with a combined knowledge of over 80 years!

Why TEG?

TEG is created by professionals for professionals!

Our goal is to ensure every month the content being delivered is fresh, relatable, creates empathy for the member and above all makes you feel empowered in your professional status.

TEG’s mission is also to create more networking opportunities for the sector, ease of employment across the industry, recognition in the community of the outstanding role Educators, Directors and Centres play, and above all make learning enjoyable again.

Why should my Education Centre sign up?

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Become A Better Early Learning Centre