About Us

About Us

Who is The Education Gap (TEG)?

TEG is an online resource platform, the purpose of the platform is to provide early childhood centres as well as educators a place to showcase themselves, their skills, locate like-minded professionals, and grow their knowledge within the industry that we all love.

✓ Are you looking to maintain your professional development? – TEG can help

✓ Are you looking to find work in exceeding centres? – TEG can help

✓ Are you looking to find exceeding team members? – TEG can help

✓ Are you looking to get more resources? – TEG can help

The Education Gap allows you to have a safe and secure platform to network with others all around the world, share solutions, and get answers. The great news is, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of what TEG can do for you, this is just the monthly benefit. TEG supports and helps the industry increase recognition and gains more supporters to its cause which are always welcomed, it’s time for the world to see the exceeding educators and centres that you are. Join us and share ideas and develop yourself.

Why use The Education Gap (TEG)?

TEG has been developed by professionals within the industry to help and maintain exceeding educators and centres worldwide, it is a support tool, and education tool, a safe platform to start building recognition within the industry. TEG supports you as much as you support it and we work together to unlock the true potential of the industry.

TEG is unique in its ability, why? Here are some more features of using The Education Gap:

✓ You receive fresh, relatable, and critical content for your professional development every single month
✓ We deliver support to an industry that develop and help grow our next generation in the most crucial and critical years of child’s life
✓ TEG gives educators the recognition they deserve, this is largely overdue
✓ We help you develop your skills as an educator and allow you to appear on a platform where you will be noticed
✓ Our professional development is delivered directly to your phone or computer, this means you can develop at any time of the day or night and are not tied down with meetings
✓ TEG delivers a rating (e.g. Exceeding Educator) to an individual, this is achieved through some short quizzes that relate to your training videos
✓ TEG allows you to seek higher payrates by showing the industry that you have personal rating as an educator, this is ranked in the same terminology used to rank Early Learning Centres.
✓ TEG helps you find employment as an educator by searching the database for centres
✓ TEG helps you as a centre find exceeding educators to work for your centre by searching members on the TEG platform
✓ Network with like-minded professionals within Australia and worldwide
✓ Meet internal Professional Development (PD) requirements within your own time
✓ Receive resource requirements through TEG toys as part of certain memberships or you can visit the online toy store and have a browse for the yours you may need
✓ Be rewarded at one of our annual GALA nights as an Exceeding Educator, get dressed up and bring your family for a chance to win Exceeding Educator and Exceeding Centre
✓ Access to Professional Development for your centre directly through the TEG platform
✓ Upload your resume, set your profile to public and be found by Education centres searching for staff
✓ Meet your ongoing QIP needs and maintain your ongoing professional status

What Can a TEG Membership
Do For You?

Links Centres and Educators with potential employment outcomes.

PD in your pocket on a monthly basis.

Creates networking opportunities across Australia.

Allows you to meet internal PD requirements in your own time.

Provides resource acquirement through TEG Toys.

Increases acknowledgement in the community the sector through gala nights.

Allows you access to PDF’s for your centre.

Meet your ongoing QIP needs and maintains your ongoing professional status.

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